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Is Your Sales Pitch Believable? – money now

I received a marketing email telling me how GREAT a new video making product is, because it works in conjunction with a piece of software almost everyone already has. money now

Is Your Sales Pitch Believable?


So I go to check it out, and guess what?

They NEVER show you what the videos you’ll be making will look like.

Not ONE single example!

Worse still, the video they use to sell the video maker is a regular talking head type of video, NOT the kind you’re supposed to be able to make with this software.

What thinking person will take this offer seriously?

It’s like someone trying to sell you their artwork without letting you SEE the artwork. money now

If you’re selling software, and especially video creation software, let people see what it can do, rather than just telling them.

Otherwise, who’s going to believe you?

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4 Responses to Is Your Sales Pitch Believable? – money now

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